Solstice Serpent of Light - Somatic Tantric Dance

Saturday June 19 from 10-5 pm
with break for potluck lunch
Goddess Garden Sanctuary, San Rafael

Prepare your vessel for the incoming light of the summer solstice. Open to the fullness of your being.

Within the safe container of the Sacred Feminine we will create a temple environment and discover the healing power of the serpent.

~  Get to know snakes, hold them and become comfortable with their energy.
~  Arouse the liquid fire of Kundalini, your Inner Serpent with
Snake Yoga, Sacred Serpent Breath
and Meditation.
~  Dance with temple serpents in both guided and spontaneous movement.
~  Receive initiation through the Shed Your Old Skin ceremony.

RSVP: Le’ema 415-479-3892 or 888-442-4497

Only 3 spots left!