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“A saucy, sensitive, sensual journey along the serpentine spirit path that led Priestess Le’ema to the snakes, the Goddess, and ultimately to her powerful self.”
—Donna Henes, author of The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife

Inside each of us is an instinctual being filled with primordial wisdom.  This older than old knowing, like the serpent, is often feared or even despised.  Yet, without our primal instinct we become automatic, fearful, imprisoned and bored.

Le’ema Kathleen Graham, ordained priestess, urban shaman, and visionary sacred dancer, shows us how our instinct can be renewed through shedding our old skins.  With stories from her life, goddess archetypes, sacred dances, shamanic journeys, dreams and visions, Le’ema helps us reconnect to the thriving intuitive intelligence that pulses within our very own essential nature.

“From the moment I first saw Le’ema dance the Minoan Snake Goddess at Isis Oasis until the day she danced the sun into being at the Temple of Isis in Egypt, I have been transfixed by her energy, strength, and grace in motion. Her book is a deep blessing as well, a kind of traveler’s key through uncharted waters. She tells the story of a woman who listens to her inner voice, who takes risks, who lives large and has been chosen by the Goddess to do great things. A courageous life story. What passion might lie in all of us, if—like Le’ema—we answered our spirit guides with a resounding Yes!”
—Normandi Ellis, author of Awakening Osiris: Egyptian Book of the Dead, Dreams of Isis and Feasts of Light

Dancing the Inner Serpent: Memoirs of a Suburban Snake Priestess is a pilgrimage filled with joy, losses, love and awakenings.  Through her devotion to the Divine Mother, first as a Catholic girl, and later to the Goddess, Le’ema’s dancing path as a Snake Priestess unfolds.

“An important book offering fascinating insights into a journey of womanhood that is often overlooked—the path of becoming a priestess while being a mother, partner, and teacher. Along the way Le’ema casts light on the spiritually invigorating environment that has given birth to the modern Goddess-focused movement. Bare-boned, honest, and beautifully written, as sinuous and compelling as the snakes in her electrifying live dance performances.”
—deTraci Regula, author of The Mysteries of Isis

Published August 2009 by GoddessWork

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