Dancing Priestess & Snake Yoga Retreat for Women – Harbin Hot Springs

Sept. 9 – 12, 2011

Within this sanctuary of the Sacred Feminine, you will be immersed in an ancient wisdom Mystery School. Reconnect to your instinct and reclaim your inner Goddess through ritual, yogic, tantric, shamanic and sacred dance practices.

• Arouse the liquid fire of Kundalini, your inner serpent, with Snake YogaTM
• Get to know snakes, hold them and become comfortable with their energy
• Dance with temple serpents in both guided and spontaneous movement
• Receive initiation through the Shedding Your Old Skin Ceremony
• Learn the Dance of the 7 Veils
• Become an Oracle of Prophecy
• Channel female deities through Goddess Empowerment Dance

This retreat qualifies you for Priestess Ordination and/or Snake YogaTM Certification, if eligible.

Le’ema is a Snake Priestess, visionary sacred dancer, yogini, author, and master teacher. She is the creator of the DVD, Snake Yoga and the author of the book Dancing the Inner Serpent.

How to reserve your space:

Contact/Call to register:
Le’ema@dancingpriestess.co​m, Toll-free 888-442-4497 or 415-479-3892

Send in your non-refundable deposit of $170
Total $494 if paid by August 29 or $525 after, includes meals, indoor/outdoor camping

  • PayPal – send funds to LKathleenGraham@gmail.com
  • Credit Card – call me at 415-479-4284 or 888-442-4497 to make arrangements
  • Check – make out to Kathleen Graham and send to 211 Las Gallinas Ave. San Rafael CA 94903

Dancing the Inner Serpent – Harbin Temple, Harbin Hot Springs

Friday, August 5, 2011, 8 – 10pm


After a relaxing day of soaking in the rejuvenating hot spring at Harbin, please join me in the Harbin Temple for an evening with the Goddess!

Sacred Dance Performance ~
I will perform my acclaimed Dance of the Minoan Snake Goddess ~ the Cretan statue from the Palace of Knossos comes to life as an aspect of the Divine Mother ~ and speak as the Oracle of Gaia about 2012.

The Sacred Serpent Slide Show ~
This fascinatingly beautiful slide show contains images of the snake as sacred from antiquities to modern art. In seeing these images, we are reminded that our primal instincts and urges are part of our divinity, not separate. It has only been in the past few thousand years of fundamentalist religious beliefs that the snake has been branded with evil connotations. Yet, in cultures worldwide, the serpent has always been seen as a symbol of healing, regeneration, immortality and wisdom.

The Sacred Serpent Slide Show is a delight to behold. I have been gathering these images for the past several years as research for my book. Some of the most unique snake images have been contributed by students and friends. It is an exciting work in progress, and continues to grow, becoming both more expansive and inclusive.

Book Reading ~
In addition, I will be reading from my memoir, “Dancing the Inner Serpent, Memoirs of a Suburban Snake Priestess”.

This will be an unforgettable, rich and entrancing evening melding dance, multimedia and the spoken word, moving poetry, compelling visions and heart-felt stories of the personal and the transcendent.

“Superb! Le’ema not only dances the Goddess, she becomes the Goddess!”

– Lady Olivia Robertson, author of The Call of Isis
and founder of the Fellowship of Isis

“A saucy, sensitive, sensual journey along the serpentine spirit path that led Priestess Le’ema to the snakes, the Goddess, and ultimately to her powerful self”
~ Donna Henes, author of The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife

“Her book is a deep blessing, a kind of traveler’s key through uncharted waters…”
~ Normandi Ellis, author of Awakening Osiris, Dreams of Isis and Feasts of Light

Nurturing Our Child-Selves with SoulCollage

Saturday, July 16th, 2011, 1pm – 4pm

Goddess Garden Sanctuary

Address given upon RSVP

San Rafael, CA

Cost $45

Join us just after the full moon for an afternoon of respite nurturing the fresh-born self emerging astrologically at this time. We’ll begin with some gentle, safe movement to awaken our non-linear selves and then use SoulCollage(r) to honor and support our child self. As always, any cards that need to be born will be joyously welcomed. All supplies are included in the course fee and nourishing refreshments will be provided.

RSVP via email to Jennifer at phoenixwings73@gmail.com or on the Meetup site: www.meetup.com/SoulFullPlay-SoulCollage-Gathering

Our theme is inspired by the July forecast on www.thepowerpath.com. You’re invited to peruse it but that is certainly not required.

There’s a sweet doggie in residence, a fabulous labyrinth and goddess garden out back, and plenty of street parking.

We can’t wait to share this delightful, soul-replenishing afternoon with you!

Many Blessings,

Jennifer and Le’ema